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Here, at Buzz Style, we have a team of style gurus dedicated to providing our customers with the best products in each of our hand-picked categories, as well as the specialised latest buzz  style section. Basing our research on variety of sources, such as major credible fashion and style magazines and review websites, as well as our own in-house knowledge and experience, we strive to provide the best products at the best prices.

Cheap Prices and Fast Shipping

We are committed to sell our products at the lowest available prices on the market and to provide superior delivery times. Our aim is to beat the prices of all major retailers, as we do not have to bear ‘physical costs’, such as costs of running actual stores. We are also committed to provide fast shipping times – in most cases delivery times will not exceed 2-5 business days (see our Customer Service page for further details).

Satisfied Customers

Buzz Style aims to provide its customers with the ‘buzz’ associated with successful bargain hunting. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority for our business as customer retention determines our own success. We also have a ‘14-day money back guarantee’ policy, which frees our customers of unnecessary needs to deal directly with the manufacturer, where goods purchased turn out to be faulty or damaged!

Australian Owned and Operated

We believe in the growing Australian online shopping industry, therefore as a 100% Australian-owned and operated business, we only aim to deal with domestic customers. By doing so we are supporting Australian economy via:

  • Increasing competitiveness of Our businesses vs. International businesses
  • Investing into growth and future of Our online retail sector

Expert Reviewers

Our product range is based on extensive research of various sources – these include major style and fashion magazines, E-zines and websites such as, for example:

  • Vogue
  • Cleo
  • Harper's Bazaar

Finally, our in-house team of style gurus possesses vast amounts of knowledge and experience to be able to select truly fashionable and stylish products.

Members of the Buzz Planet

Buzz Style Australia is a member of the broader online hub of stores managed by ‘Buzz Planet (AUS) Pty Ltd’. This gives our store benefit of economies of scale, as well as other various synergies that are ultimately passed on to our customer through lower prices, discount coupons, and quicker delivery times.

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